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Elektronica. Gratis levering vanaf 20 euro. Nederlandse klantenservice If you own an amp from the BOSS Katana MkII series, you can use the handy Power Amp In function on your amp to amplify the GT-1000. Connecting to the rear-panel Power Amp In jack bypasses Katana MkII's preamp and effects, letting you tap straight into the Tube Logic power section, complete with grab-and-go Power Control. It's important to remember that Katana amps have a guitar-voiced speaker (i.e. not full range like a PA), which means you should turn off the cabinet simulation on the GT. Der GT-1000 verfügt über eine breite Palette an originalen BOSS-Verstärkern für alle Gitarrenstile - von super-clean bis ultra-heavy. Einige der Verstärkertypen verwenden zudem die Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) Technologie für einen dynamischen und nuancierten Sound, der weit über die Möglichkeiten analoger Schaltungen hinausgeht. Darüber hinaus beherbergt der GT-1000 auch eine Reihe klassischer Röhrenverstärker. Die Sammlung reicht von begehrten Vintage-Combos bis zu. I couldn't find a gt1000 amp models list anywhere so I downloaded them and put them here - there appears to be 16 so far : AIRD PREAMP TYPE List. Category. Type. Explanation. TYPE. (ADVANCED AMP. The GT-1000 features a wide range of BOSS original amplifiers suitable for all guitar styles, from super-clean to ultra-heavy. A number of amp types employ Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology for dynamic, nuanced tone that reaches beyond the capabilities of analog designs. Classic tube amps throughout history are included as well, from coveted vintage combos to modern high-gain heads. Two amps can be used at once in a single patch, so you're able to switch between two sounds.

Please check the supported product list and download the matching BOSS TONE STUDIO for your product. GT-1000 BOSS flagship amp/effects processor delivering unmatched musical expression and sound quality with new AIRD technology #BossGT-1000https://jucaneryguitartuition.comBoss Katana | Boss Nextone| Boss GT-1000 | Amp Sims -PatchesJuca's Tone Shack Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/JVt.. Boss completely missed the boat with the GT-1000's user interface, however once you learn it, you'll find ways to make it work for you. Soundwise, I think it's excellent. I don't miss my tube amps at all, and I consider myself to be a tube amp snob. I'm loving the tones I'm getting with my GT-1000 going direct to to a pair of FRFR cabs. The interface on my Helix is far superior. And the Katana 50 has no effects loop and the manual for the Boss GT-1000 says for optimal results it should be plugged into the return as opposed to the input to avoid the amplifiers pre-amp and associated coloring of the signal. It does seem odd to run an FX board to model various tones into a tube amp but hopefully some testing tomorrow will help me out. NC. Click to expand... if you want a.

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I'll also see if I can listen to a powered speaker or two. And the Katana 50 has no effects loop and the manual for the Boss GT-1000 says for optimal results it should be plugged into the return as opposed to the input to avoid the amplifiers pre-amp and associated coloring of the signal wie die Forengemeinde schon weiß, hat Boss auf der Namm das GT-1000 vorgestellt. Es positioniert sich ja klar gegenüber dem Helix, Axe-Fx, Headrush (,Kemper). Leider gibt es noch sehr wenige Videos, die auch kaum aussagekräftig sind. Ich beschäftige mich schon eine Weile mit den bereits genannten Geräten, da ich es interessant finde Zuhause eine. Dieser Boss gt 1000 amp list Test hat herausgestellt, dass das Gesamtpaket des genannten Testsiegers unsere Redaktion außerordentlich überzeugt hat. Ebenfalls der Kostenfaktor ist gemessen an der angeboteten Qualitätsstufe extrem angemessen. Wer übermäßig Arbeit bezüglich der Analyse auslassen möchte, möge sich an unsere Empfehlung in dem Boss gt 1000 amp list Check entlang hangeln.

Boss GT-1000 Floorboard Place Roland's expertise at your feet Street price: $999.99 | Models: 16 amps, 7 cabs | Able to load more patches/IRs: yes | Power amp: n TURBO OD This is the high-gain overdrive sound of the BOSS OD-2. DISTORTION This gives a basic, traditional distortion sound. This models a Proco RAT. Page 13 EFFECT PREAMP TYPE list Type Explanation An unembellished, clean sound that minimizes the amp's NATRL CLN idiosyncrasies, such as its trebly character and boomy (NATURAL CLEAN) low end. effects provided by the GT-1000, as well as the output and send/ return. You can edit from this effect chain display by selecting the block that you want to edit. 1 Press the [EFFECT] button. The edit screen (effect chain) appears. 2 Turn knob [6] to select the block that you want to edit. The selected block is enclosed by a thick frame The NAMM Show, Anaheim, CA, January 24, 2018 †BOSS (ACC North, Level 2, Exhibit 17820) announces the GT-1000, a premium amp and effects processor for guitarists. Designed for superior tone and exceptional musical response, the GT-1000 is the first-ever guitar multi-effects processor with 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit/96 kHz internal processing. Driven by BOSS’s latest custom DSP engine and filled with cutting-edge BOSS technologies, the GT-1000 delivers class-leading. The full DSP muscle of the flagship GT-1000 lives inside this mini juggernaut, driving class-leading sound quality, advanced AIRD technology, 24 simultaneous effects blocks, and over 140 unique amp/effect types for unlimited creative expression. GT-1000CORE fits into any pedalboard setup and works equally well as a standalone processor for playing live and in the studio. And with flexible I/O and vast control support, it's right at home as the core of any rig

https://jucaneryguitartuition.comBoss Katana Presets | Boss Katana Custom Amps | Hot DealsJuca's Tone Shack Facebook Group: https://goo.gl/JVtFhZSubscribe to.. Support the channel and enjoy my music★https://open.spotify.com/artist/32XEBdzEbAsyuA33bmphHw★ www.ragdollrock.bandcamp.comFollow me online★ www.facebook.co.. The Boss GT‑1000 is an impressive, well‑priced combination of guitar amplifier/effect modelling floorboard, audio interface and MIDI controller that is capable of delivering an impressive level of performance. Its amplifier models are effective and sound good and its effects capabilities are huge die volle DSP-Kapazität des GT-1000 in einem kompakten Format. mit fortschrittlicher AIRD-Technologie. 24 simultane Effektblöcke und über 140 einmalige Verstärker-/Effekttypen. passt in jedes Pedalboard-Setup und funktioniert ebenso gut als eigenständiger Prozessor für Live- und Studioeinsatz. flexible Anschlussmöglichkeiten

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Thanks to AIRD technology, GT-1000CORE offers authentic amp tone with truly dynamic playing feel - along with a massive array of effects including sought-after vintage stompboxes and BOSS classics, new innovations in advanced MDP technology, and flagship delay, reverb and modulation algorithms from our acclaimed 500 series pedals Mit dem BOSS GT-1000 hat einer der stärksten Namen im Pedalbereich einen sehr guten Modeler im Angebot, der mit einer breiten Auswahl an Sounds einen der vordersten Plätze im D.I.-Recording-Bereich besetzt. Mit hoher Flexibilität kann man eine sehr große Palette an Einsatzgebieten abdecken, von der Schaltzentrale im Live-Bereich, über die persönliche Workstation für die Fingerübungen, bis hin zum Direct-Recording im Heimstudio Boss GT-1000, Multi Effektpedal, 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point Prozessor und 96 kHz Sampling Rate, Neue BOSS DSP Engine, speziell für Audioanwendungen entwickelt, AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) bringt.. GT-1000 Extra Collection 3. Versatile distortion sounds from high-gain to amp drive for rock. Fusion; Metal; Pop; Punk; Rock; Studio; Synth; Live Set . 1 WIDE DRIVE Wild rock sound with two Brit Stack amps in stereo. 2 LEAD DS OCT/DLYS Spatial high-gain lead with five delays. CTL1 - clean arpeggios. 3 V-ROCK OD Overdrive sound with slight modulation and delay for 90's Japanese Visual Rock.

The BOSS GT-1000 differs from the other amp modellers and multi effects guitar processors out there due to the inclusion of the ingenious AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology. This is BOSS's acclaimed Tube Logic concept in a digital guitar processor which applies to their huge amount of amp models within the GT-1000. The amplifiers in the GT-1000 are a mix of re-created. GT-1000 Extra Collection 1. A collection of patches with the essence of versatile roots music. Blues; Country; Electronic; Funk; Fusion; Hip-Hop; Jazz; Pop; Punk; R&B; Rock; Rockabilly; Soul ; Studio; Live Set. 1 BLUESY TWEED Bluesy crunch sound with a vintage tweed amp. CTL1 adds T-Scream for emotional blues lead. 2 TELEBILLY Clear-cut crunch sound with sparkling high end and bold low end.

100% Sounds, No Talking!All the sounds you hear in this video are recorded directly from the GT-1000 in stereo with a range of standard electric guitars. No.

THE NEW BASS FLAGSHIP AMP AND EFFECTS PROCESSOR! The BOSS GT-1000 has evolved once more to provide a new flagship multi-effects processor for bassists, providing next-generation sound quality and ultra-flexible performance features. The latest Version 3 update brings bass guitar support... Watch video. BOSS GT-1000 Version 3 for Guitar with Sam Bell. BOSS GT-1000 VERSION.3 SOFTWARE UPDATE. AIRD PREAMP TYPE List AIRD PREAMP 1, 2 Category Type Explanation This is an amp that uses BOSS's proprietary cutting-edge AIRD An amp with a broad frequency TRANSPARENT range and an extremely flat response. (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology to simulate Good for acoustic guitar The GT-1000CORE has the processing power of its big brother, the GT-1000, but fewer onboard functions and no built-in expression pedal. Yet there are 140 unique amp and effects types available as well as up to 24 simultaneous effect blocks—all rendered via 96 kHz/32-bit processing and AD/DA conversion. It also has 250 user and 250 preset memory slots. Needless to say, there won't be room. BOSS flagship amp/effects processor delivering unmatched musical expression and sound quality with new AIRD technology. GT-1000 Live Sets. GT-1000 Product Details. GT-1 . Compact multi-effects provides tone quality and sound-shaping ability that far exceeds. GT-1 Live Sets. GT-1 Product Details. GT-1B. Mobile powerhouse gives bass players a massive range of pro tone-shaping power in a small. Boss Shrinks Down its GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor to a more handy-sized but still Full-Featured GT-1000 CORE Stomp Box Oct 1, 2020 Boss's 3rd Generation OC-5 Octave introduces state-of-the art tracking and new Upper Octave, while expanding on the very best of the OC-2 and OC-

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The GT-1000CORE fits the incredible processing power of BOSS' flagship guitar floorboard into a compact stompbox! Featuring an abundance of built-in amp and effect sounds taken directly from the GT-1000 and 500 Series pedals, the ultra-versatile BOSS GT-1000CORE can become the tonal centrepiece of your rig - mounting easily onto a pedalboard or serving as a feature-packed, standalone unit Boss GT-1000 CORE Guitar Multi-Effects Processor OFF; Availability: In Stock. Dispatched within: 2-4 There are BOSS original amps suitable for all guitar styles, plus famous tube amps from coveted vintage combos to modern high-gain heads. A massive range of effects options are also on board, including BOSS classics, retro stompboxes, MDP effects, and advanced algorithms from the BOSS 500. I've AB'd a Helix and GT-1000 and for me the GT edges it ampwise. Tried Helix loads and just can't get an amp sound I'm happy with. Could well be me though as everyone else seems to have great success including my band mates. Caveats are there's not much variety in the GT amp tones but the three X amps they have sound awesome, up there with Fractal I reckon. I moved the GT on as I. 19 Angebote zu Boss GT 1000 Core im Gitarren-Zubehör Preisvergleich. Bei idealo.de günstige Preise für Boss GT 1000 Core vergleichen Artist Patches List (Updated) 42 Bundles. Katana Custom Amps List (44 Amps) Line 6 Custom Amps List. Join my Facebook Group. My Youtube Channel. Subscribe my mailing list for the latest news

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With the GT-1000 Core, Boss has shrunk the successful modeling flagship GT-1000 to pedalboard-friendly compact format. Under the hood are all amp, cabinet and effect modeling of the big brother with up to 24 simultaneous effects. A large graphic display and direct access knobs make operation a breeze. Via 2 programmable FX loops you can integrate your personal favorite pedals or use the 4. With the Boss GT-1000 Boss presents the flagship of the in-house multi-effects. Based on the specially developed AIRD technology (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) and a 32-bit floating point processor. Multi-effects processor, floor modeler, 500 presets, effect loops, amp simulation, looper, tuner, MIDI, expression peda BOSS GT-1000 Version2 Preset Sound Examples (No Talking) Designed for Unparalleled Sound Quality. The GT-1000 is BOSS's most advanced amp/effects processor to date, built for no-compromise audio performance. To start, it's the first-ever guitar multi-effects unit with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout. There's an all-new DSP engine as.

The GT-1000CORE contains more than 140 amps and effects, some based on classic Boss stompboxes and others reflecting high-tech products such as the brand's own 500-strong range of stereo effects, including the RV-500 reverb pedal. 6. Effects and amp parameters are displayed here, alongside input and output levels, and compressor activity. Key features. Boss GT-1000 but in compact form; Up to. 6.3 seems to be the sweet spot for Boss on the highs. The low just play with. For muddy lows it's best to put the EQ block in front of the amp block. I know this is no big revelation to you experienced modeling geeks. But we do get new people on here especially when a new product time the GT 1000 comes out. I would really like to here some. For those of you who would like to pick up my Entire GT-1000 Patch collection and also my Custom GT-1000 Backing Tracks I've made it easier for you. With this one buy link you can get my Entire Boss GT-1000 Custom Patch Collection. The Ultimate Bundle includes BOTH my GT-1000 Premium Patches set and also my GT-1000 Pedal Platform set.Also included in both sets is the download link for my.

BOSS GT-1000 Tutorials GT-1000 Quick Start/UI Introduction. In this video we go over the basic controls and how the UI (User Interface) works on the BOSS GT-1000 Multi-Effects Processor. Watch video. How to Update my GT-1000? GT-1000 Ultimate Guide Video Series. In this video, we walk you through how to get your GT-1000 up to date with the latest firmware! Watch video. How to connect to a DAW. Boss Gt-1000 Patches by Glenn DeLaune. 748 likes · 2 talking about this. Boss GT-1000 Custom Patches by Glenn Delaun The Boss GT-1000 offers a 10-footswitch, pro-quality setup at a price that's more than tempting to the serious amateur. Operationally, Boss arranges your sounds into patches, each containing the full signal chain from amp through to cabinets and effects. The amplifier models are breathtaking, fleshed-out and organic thanks to AIRD technology that builds upon the Tube Logic paradigm. The 32. Mit dem Boss SY-1000 hat der japanische Hersteller ein neues Paradepferd für Gitarren-Synthesizer im Stall. Das neue Flaggschiff ist quasi der große Bruder des SY-300, hat die sechsfache DSP-Power und zur Klangerzeugung drei Synth-Einheiten an Bord, die parallel genutzt werden können.Das sind harte Fakten und Boss behauptet auch stolz, dass der SY-1000 der fortschrittlichste.

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  1. The Boss GT-1000 ushers in a new era of amp and effect processing for the Japanese company. They've always been at the forefront of all things guitar effects and their GT-1000 captures years of innovation, engineering and design into this uber-powerful pedalboard. It's got an ultra-fast DSP engine, 32-bit processing and a 96 kHz sampling rate. Essentially, what this means is that it's.
  2. Boss GT-1000 Großer Pluspunkt für mich ist hier der Amp-Control-Ausgang, falls ich in einem Preset auch gleich meinen Amp-Kanal umschalten möchte mit nur einem Tritt. Mooer GE 300 Preislich wohl das, was ich mir am besten leisten könnte (wer hätt's gedacht) Wirkt auf jeden Fall schön kompakt, Amp-Modeling und Effekte sollen auch.
  3. This article is all about what it's like for a real person to use the BOSS GT-1000. What the GT-1000 Can Do. Oh, man, this thing does a lot. If you're looking to run a host of effects without all the clutter, the GT-1000 can do it. If you want to play board-direct, use an external power amp or powered cab—no problem. If you play in a cover band and need a huge range of song- or band-specific.

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  1. 19 Angebote zu Boss GT-1000Core im Gitarren-Zubehör Preisvergleich. Bei idealo.de günstige Preise für Boss GT-1000Core vergleichen
  2. Amps. Boost and Overdrive. Delay. Distortion. Fuzz. Guitars. Modulation. Pitch. Reverb. Utility . All. All. Boss Shrinks Down its GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor to a more handy-sized but still Full-Featured GT-1000 CORE Stomp Box Oct 1, 2020 09:01 by Stefan Karlsson. Big Muff Style Fuzz Blues Driver Style Overdrive Boost Boost and Overdrive Boss Brown Sound Distortion Compressor Delay Delay.
  3. Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor review The Japanese pedal giant shoots for the high-end with its latest multi-effects £849; €850; $999; By Alex Lynham 30 July 2018. Our Verdict. While it's not the easiest multi-effects to get to grips with, Boss's latest is the company's best yet, and a worthy competitor to Fractal and Line 6. Pros Impressive amp models. Huge range of effects. Rock.
  4. Boss GT-1000 v3 Guitar Effects Processor (GT1000) Trustpilot . Delivering unmatched sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ushers in a new era of performance in amp/effects processors. This premium tone machine debuts the groundbreaking new AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology, realized with decades of advanced BOSS research and supported by an ultra-fast DSP engine.
  5. 6 product ratings - Boss GT-1000 Guitar/Amp Modeling Multi-Effects Pedal. $1,029.99. Buy It Now. Free shipping. 3 watchers. Watch; S p o n s o r e d. Boss GT-1000 Core Multi Effects Processor. Brand New. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 1 product rating - Boss GT-1000 Core Multi Effects Processor. $720.99. Buy It Now. Free shipping . Watch; S p o n s o r e d. BOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor Pedal.

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Also See for Boss GT-1000. Boss GT-1000 Parameter Manual 51 pages. Related Manuals for Boss GT-1000. Computer Hardware Boss GT-10B Owner's Manual. Bass effects processor (156 pages) Computer Hardware Boss GT-1B Parameter Manual / Sound List. Bass effects processor (29 pages) Computer Hardware Boss Vocal Performer VE-20 Owner's Manual. Vocal processor (20 pages) Computer Hardware Boss AD-8. Die besten Amp Modeler - Boss GT-1000. Das Boss GT-1000 ist nicht das einzige Floorboard der Kultfirma, aber das umfangreichste. Boss entwickelten eigens für die GT-Reihe eine spezielle DSP und ergänzten diese mit dem Boss Tube Logic Konzept, die am eindrucksvollsten bei den Katana Amps zum Einsatz kommt und einen ungemein warmen Röhrensound reproduziert. Ein 32 Bit AD/DA-Wandler, eine. Has it been definitively determined whether or not the GT-1000 supports third party IRs? If so, are there bit rate/length specs? What is different between the Katana Artist and previously existing Katana amps? Any other info confirmed that is not listed in the official specs from BOSS/Roland? Been on vacation and now slammed at work. No time to. After the success of the DD-500, RV-500 and MD-500 units, Boss's GT-1000 floorboard combines all three. Sleek and modern, it's a formidably robust beast. To the rear, there's the usual array of inputs and outputs, including USB recording out and an input for an additional expression pedal plus jacks to insert two mono pedals, or one stereo external pedal and a nifty send for amp channel.

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Dreamy Chords - Diagrams - Scales and Patches (Updated Monthly) Episode One Free Patches - Boss Katana MKI and MKII All FREE Patches HERE Free Patches - Boss GT-1000 Boss GT Re: Boss GT-1000 or Line 6 Helix XT I can't directly compare to Boss, haven't heard their recent modelers enough to have an opinion. Their reputation for not supporting post-release put me off, in this era of Fractal & Line 6 quality long-term support. If the budget is there, I'd look at Fractal Audio's FM3, it has a lot more metal amp options.

Has anybody had experience with the JVM amp's MIDI storing with the Boss GT 1000? I used to have a Boss GT 10, and it was very easy to save amp settings to the GT 10 patches. I'd just hit store on the amp, then press the patch footswitch, and it was saved. Has anybody used this and is this functionality still in the GT 1000? Thank Back when the GT-1000 v3 firmware was released, with all the bass stuff, I looked at it and realised that, my bass pedalboard being essentially all Boss, and all digital, the GT-1000 could replace my entire pedalboard wholesale, and that if I were to buy all my current pedals new, they would cost a little bit more than the GT-1000 BOSS GT-1000 GUITAR EFFECTS PROCESSOR NOW AVAILABLE. Los Angeles, CA, April 24, 2018 — BOSS announces the availability of the GT-1000, a premium amp and effects processor for guitarists. Designed for superior tone and exceptional musical response, the GT-1000 is the first-ever guitar multi-effects processor with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout Delivering unmatched sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ushers in a new era of performance in amp/effects processors. This premium tone machine debuts the groundbreaking new AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology, realized with decades of advanced BOSS research and supported by an ultra-fast DSP engine, 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating-point processing, and 96 kHz. Boss GT-1000 BOSS - GT-1000 | Guitar Effects Processor. BOSS - GT-1000 | Guitar Effects Processor . Jan 29, 2018 #11. Aidil. Dec 4, 2014 Jkt, IDN. gumtown said: ↑ Boss GT-1000 BOSS - GT-1000 | Guitar Effects Processor View attachment 2895813 BOSS - GT-1000 | Guitar Effects Processor. Click to expand... almost a week the page is up, still no downloadable pdf which we could learn whether GT.

Using BOSS TONE STUDIO for GT-1000 To begin, connect BOSS TONE STUDIO to the GT-1000 unit. For details on how to make connections, refer to the Connecting the BOSS TONE STUDIO iOS App to the GT-1000 Unit PDF or Connecting the BOSS TONE STUDIO Android App to the GT-1000 Unit PDF. To edit values Slide up or down to edit a parameter. Long-press to enter a numeric value or choose from. The added vertue of the Boss GT 1000 Core's extra verbs, delays and a fully accessible via midi compressor is an extra bonus. One of the things I like about my current board layout is it's versatility. For example, I can choose 4 pedals to perform filter options in various locations. I have multiple modulation options. So the GT 1000 Core looks like a very interesting unit. Click to expand. BOSS GT-1000 Amp Modeler - $835 (Perrysburg) < image 1 of 5 > condition: like new delivery available make / manufacturer: Boss model name / number: GT-1000 size / dimensions: 18.2 x 9.8 x 2.8 QR Code Link to This Post. BOSS GT-1000 Amp Modeler. Wide range of high quality amp modeler options. Full featured array of fully programmable multi-effects with reverbs, delays, over-drives, choruses. BOSS GT-1000 Patches; BOSS GT-100 Patches; BOSS GT-1 Patches; BOSS ME-80 Patches; BOSS Katana Mark 2 Patches; Line 6 Helix Patches ; Line 6 Pod Go Patches; Amplitube Patches; Other Amp Sims; Contact; A World of Guitar Tones Welcome to my collection of tones for Boss, Line 6, Amplitube, STL, Positive Grid and Overloud. All my own work made from scratch. I used to teach guitar and people kept.


There are BOSS original amps suitable for all guitar styles, plus famous tube amps from coveted vintage combos to modern high-gain heads. A massive range of effects options are also on board, including BOSS classics, retro stompboxes, MDP effects, and advanced algorithms from the BOSS 500 series. Multiple series and parallel routings are easy to set up with the intuitive interface. And with. Boss GT-1000 Multi-Effects Processor INDUSTRY-LEADING TONE WITH BREAKTHROUGH BOSS TECHNOLOGYDelivering unmatched sound quality and musical expression, the GT-1000 ushers in a new era of performance in amp/effects processors. This premium tone machine deb AIRD provides new levels of performance when using the GT-1000's preamps with external amps and power amps, and impressive realism in direct recording and full-range monitoring applications. It houses an impressive selection of top-quality effects, with BOSS's Multi-Dimensional Processing on board, along with advanced modulation, delay, and reverb algorithms from the popular 500-series pedals Reverb is a marketplace bringing together a wide-spanning community to buy, sell, and discuss all things music gear

My final decision on the Boss GT-1000 was based on the sound quality of the amp (with original cab) and distortion models, the very amazing sounding delays, the fuzz effects, (I hate fuzz usually), and the ability to select output voicings, (like stack return, bluescube input, JC120 return, Katana 100 return etc the competition does not appear to do that) and at least some external IR loading. Boss has taken multi amp /effects modeling to a new level with the GT-1000 core. All the processing power of the GT-1000 in less than half the size, and 30% cheaper! The amp tones are few compared to the Helix, but very high quality. And i am referring to the AIRD original amp settings that include the preamp, power amp, and cab combinations. AIRD is the best low cost amp model i have played. Boss Pocket GT Amp & Effects Processor. £219.00 (3) Boss Katana 100 MkII Guitar Amp Head. £331.00 (22) Boss Katana 100 MkII 2x12 Guitar Amp Combo. The Boss GT-1000 Core delivers the goods! All of the flexibility and tone of its big brother and a fraction of the size. Compact multi effects processors just got hardcore \m/ The complete amp and effects processing of the flagship GT-1000 in a compact and portable stompbox. Amazingly powerful and ultra-versatile, GT-1000 CORE delivers the most complete guitar and bass processing experience. BOSS has announced the GT-1000CORE, a compact multi-effects pedal. It retains all the processing power of BOSS' flagship GT-1000 multi-effects pedal but will take up less real estate on your pedalboard. The GT-1000CORE has the same three foot-switch layout and parameters as other pedals in BOSS' 500 series. GT-1000CORE has a slightly larger screen than other pedals in the 500 series.

Boss GT-1000CORE &gt; Effects | Replay Guitar ExchangeBoss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor - American MusicBoss Katana - ANDY TIMMONS GUITAR TONE!!! - YouTubeBOSS GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor Pedal | RiffsBoss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor | eBay

Die Signalverarbeitung und die Nutzeroberfläche des SY-1000 basieren auf den Multieffekten des BOSS-Flaggschiffs GT-1000, der für seine außergewöhnliche Audioqualität und einfache Bedienung bekannt ist. Forme deine Sounds ganz nach deinen Vorstellungen mit einer riesigen Effektpalette sowie Gitarren- und Bassverstärkern mit ultraschneller Ansprache. Über das große LC-Display und die. Presumably, Boss is basing this price point on its GT-1000*, and matching that price for the SY-1000. My advice is to take listen to the video demos below and head over to the official Boss site to read up on the full specifications. If you can afford it, this new synth has a lot to offer guitarists and bassists. RRP - EUR 999. More inf The GT-1000 landed earlier this year and has been a key talking point amongst guitarists. After decades of advanced research Boss finally decided to throw all of their eggs in one basket and create the ultimate flagship multi-effects processor. The internet is alive with demo videos, reviews and in-depth tutorials to keep us occupied for hours

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